Still Life with Orange

Fernando Botero

Private collection.

Not for sale


 Oil on Canvas  1989 

Size: 177 X 149 cm  

Provenance: Artist´s Private Collection 

Signed in the right corner “Botero 89” 

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity 


 Many people tend to underestimate the importance of still lifes. 

Botero came to this subject when he began to experiment around the plenitude of form. It was from it that he found the first glimpses of what would be his style. With works like this Still life with an orange background Botero delves into the experimental potential that still lifes allow, with its variety of colors and infinite possibilities of composition from unlimited combinations all achieved from a small number of objects. 

When Botero is asked why he paints a topic that so many others have worked on, he answers: “You can take the same theme and create a totally different picture.. For example, all artists have painted fruit at some point, but if one creates a fruit it will be different. That is originality”. 

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