People in the Street, Fernando Botero


Fernando Botero

People in the Street, 2016

Oil on canvas

164 x 102 cm

Private collection. Not for sale.

“Creative freedom is in the improbable things” says Botero. Although he has always declared himself a follower of Renaissance, his distance from the academic proportions and his subversion to perspective have allowed him creating his own universe.

In People in the street we can not only understand this aspect of his creation. The monumentality is evident in the fact that the variation of the characters exalts the dimensions of one over the other. The narrow stage of a village street serves as an excuse for Botero to show his own human anatomy seen from four different perspectives: a firm and elegant police/military in his uniform; the man in profile who seems to move quickly towards his work; and the women seen from the front and from the back show us in a single image all the directions in which the body can be seen.