Fruits, Fernando Botero


Fernando Botero

Fruits, 2009

Oil on canvas

131 x 205 cm

Private collection. Not for sale.

Artwork from the Artist’s private collection.
Signed on the right corner “Botero 09”.

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.

How can an artist create a universe so unique that only by seeing some oranges can one discover who they belong to?

Botero has explained that in his painting the challenge of the composition begins by the color. In a creative act that arises from a certain level of practice, and another of improvisation, the painter always starts by contrasting two colors, which in turn suggest a third. The effects of this dialogue between tones can result in pictures of explosive force or a very simple harmony as in this still life.

In this process, later the objects will overflow their own dimensions mocking their magnitude. In this case the table or the knife have been diminished by the monumentality of the fruits, which take center stage in the scene.

This effect is solely the product of the constancy of creating a recognizable and original style. These oranges can only be from Botero.