André Nadal

Born in 1952 in Oran (Algeria), André Nadal is a French painter who belongs to the optical art movement. A major figure in contemporary French painting, he now exhibits in numerous galleries in Europe, the United States and Asia.

André Nadal

André Nadal was born in Oran in 1952.

1962: Algeria is independent. He is 10 years old and arrives in France in the region of Perpignan where he finds part of his family.

Very early on he developed a passion for drawing (exclusively sports cars) and it was natural that in 1969 he turned to secondary studies as an industrial designer. Then he attended the drawing classes at the École des Beaux-Arts in Perpignan and opted for interior design.

In 1980 his daughter Isabelle was born. Two years later, while playing with her, almost accidentally, he discovered abstract painting.

“I came to painting really by chance: looking after my daughter one Sunday when she was a baby. I saw her painting and it made me want to do it so much! So I painted with her. And there I discovered myself. I discovered that I had the ability to paint things that I liked and that were … wonderful for me! And that’s it: since then, I’ve been painting. I paint now like I breathe.

André Nadal

In 1983: Following a series of trips, notably to the United States, he decided to abandon industrial design in order to devote himself to painting.

His style is characterised by extremely precise geometric forms, repeated motifs, intertwining lines and perfect symmetries. He is particularly fond of monochrome, as evidenced by his numerous black and white works.

“I think my work has a hypnotic quality. It captivates both the eye and the brain of the viewer, while remaining very simple in appearance. I can see this in the people who appreciate my work: they are often perfectionists, with homes that have a certain sense of order. My work is most effective in uncluttered interiors.

André Nadal, in

Since 2007, he divides his time between his studio in the south of France and his studio in Paris.