Jacques BASLER

Jacques Basler was born in 1942 in Lausanne. He was first introduced to art at a very young age, and after completing internships and a full apprenticeship, he decided to become an independent decorator. Driven by a creative energy and undeniable talent, he decided in 1975 to devote himself full-time to his passion, sculpture.

Ten years later, and more precisely in 1986, he bought a house with his wife and founded the Galerie de Rue after a year of renovation. This unique venue allowed him to hold exhibitions every six months, along with other artists he invited.

Since 1988, he has been working with the famous Da Prato foundry in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. This renowned place of craftsmanship allowed Jacques Basler to produce his bronzes by using the wax casting technique. The reputation of this foundry, which initially specialized in religious art, is well established. Since 1963, it has collaborated with renowned artists such as G. Pomodoro, Penalba, Yasuda, and Botero. It was then that Jacques Basler’s reputation was strengthened, making him an important figure among Swiss sculptors. Moreover, his approach to art is humble and pragmatic, particularly when he states:

« I think that they[artists] are to society what germs and bacteria are to life: essential. We think they are useless, everyone fights against them, but without them, life would not be possible. As for art, I’ve been thinking about it for almost forty years… For me, it’s something subjective that comes out of my gut and reaches this status once it’s sold. Especially since I consider every sculpture sold as a miracle.»

His works then began to leave his studio and gallery to enhance streets and squares. Public spaces displayed his sculptures and companies started working with him. This is how his works can be found in places such as Place Chauderon in Lausanne, or in the garden of the Château de Rive in Lutry. His sculptures also occupy Credit Suisse’s buildings in Geneva and CFPS in Courtepin.

If the artist is recognized in Switzerland, his art also crosses borders. The Area Museale Ca’ la Ghironda in Ponte Ronca, Italy, decided to showcase his sculptures. This institution is a famous museum of modern art located only a few minutes from the city of Bologna. That his works of art are welcomed in such an institution is a testament to his undeniable talent and a form of recognition, making him the most gifted Swiss sculptor of his generation.



Find the works of Jacques Basler, the famous Swiss sculptor, in permanent exhibition at the art gallery Lausanne Elart Swiss. Art lovers will be able to discover or rediscover the “Face the wind” sculpture. This is a bronze made in the famous Italian foundry Da Prato which is located in Pietrasanta in Tuscany.